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What is Copy Trading

Why choose Decode Community
Provide you with multiple experienced traders with strong trading capabilities.
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Decode provides you with the best trading signals
Over 17 years of trading experience allows Decode to provide a reliable service and strategy. Our principle is always ‘customer comes first’.
Daily news update allows you to have add a better understanding about each product trend. It helps you make better decisions.
We have many excellent traders to follow. The wide variety of strategies make your trading life much easier.
About Decode Global

Established in 2004, Decode Global has earned its success in wealth and fund management with its rapid growth over the last 17 years. Decode Global offers Individuals with exceptional wealth management solutions. In meeting long-term wealth expectation and satisfaction for investors, we apply strategic solutions to our products for achieving investors’ goals. Decode Community was established in 2019 with the principle of creating an open and transparent trading community. By opening trading information and high-quality content, while linking global traders together, it creates a more ideal and effective trading method for community users.

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